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Top Fashion Trends You Need To Follow In 2017


Top Fashion Trends You Need To Follow In 2017

If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty!

2016 was a trendsetting year. It was a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Thanks to our Bollywood beauties for making a fashionable year. Now it’s time to follow the trends that will have all eyes glued on you. Here are the most top-notch fashion trends you need to follow in 2017.

1. Ripped Jeans

The tinsel town divas rocked in those ripped jeans. Every celebrity wore ripped jeans on some occasion or the other. Denim blue was the most worn colour, though celebs even wore black and white ripped jeans.

2. Sneakers

Be it a dress or jeans, sneakers have always rescued a girl’s fashion crisis. The white sneakers go with almost everything. Celebs even wore shiny sneakers to make their outfits dressy and comfortable.

3. Chokers

Chokers have come back in fashion. Initially only black chokers were celebrity favourites but then designers started getting creative with the designs and added more colours.

4. Bomber Jackets

As the name suggests, bomber jackets are bomb! When styled with the right accessories, they are the perfect combination of the girly and tomboy looks.

5. Pantsuit

Can’t decide whether to wear a gown or a dress to an elite party? Break the code and own the party with a classy and sophisticated pantsuit. A pantsuit is the ultimate example of formal fashion.

6. Shirt Dress

The most casual and comfortable form of clothing is the shirt dress. It is the perfect outfit for a friendly lunch or for hanging out at the mall. Cute sneakers, hats and sunglasses go so well with a shirt dress.

7. Off Shoulder Tops

Off Shoulder tops are literally the cutest form of clothing. They go with jeans, shorts, skirts, sneakers, heels and almost everything. They are definitely a must have!

8. Micro pleated skirt

The multi pleated skirt is usually worn with crop tops and it gives a very fairy like appearance. It gives a very girly look with heels or flats. Some celebs even wear them with bomber jackets and sneakers to give away the girly look. The multi pleated skirt is both dressy as well as casual.

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