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10 Things That Every Indian Parents Say to Their Kids Entering Adulthood

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10 Things That Every Indian Parents Say to Their Kids Entering Adulthood

Growing up in India can be tough. There are times when you don’t understand the logic behind what your parents want you to do. Yes we do get it! They only want the best for us! But does that apply to everything they want from us?

We list out 10 most clichéd things that you must have heard your parents say, when you were entering adulthood. I bet every Indian kid has heard these!

1. Beta Bas Shaadi Karlo !

As and when you enter your twenties get ready for the annoying clock that every parent will set on your head. They will go round the topics, talking about your career, jobs, life and will always come down to one single topic- Marriage. They will be the same parents who told you throughout your teens to be away from the opposite sex and then would suddenly push you to talk with any random guy in a random function. Well, parents!

2. Log kya kahenge bete!

I want to color my hair. Log kya kahenge. I want to become an artist. Log kya kahenge. I want to breathe. Log Kya kahenge. Whutt??

3. Party mein jao, par 10 bje tk ghar aa jana !

Hold On. It’s the time when party actually gets started. Every party suddenly becomes a dangerous adventure for the parents. Stay away from alcohol, drugs and especially those of your super modern friends- are the learned commands of every parent. What do they think? Is it going to be the same birthday party of chips and cold drink along with musical chair going on in the background! These are now adult parties and your 20+ child is an adult. Patience!

4. Sarkari Naukri matlab life set !

For every Indian parent there exists no job other than the Government job. Even if their kids are in the best of the MNCs in town they will still not consider it as a job worthy enough. Come on parents, let us experiment and grow ourselves. What is this obsession with sarkari naukari.

5. Apne mama ki bete ko dekho, IIT mein hai !

Even if you follow the guidelines laid by your parents to be a perfect child, still you will be the most inefficient person for them. And yes, your cousin who does all the conspiracies of the world is the one who wins the best child of the year every single time. You know how it feels if you have the typical Indian parents.

6. Kese kese dost bana rakhe hai !

Our childhood is stuck with the memories of many random kids who bullied us or whom we kicked. We don’t even greet them with a “hello” while we cross them on the same streets. We grew, many friends left while others came. But as history proves it, our best of friends were the worst according to our parents. And the time we enter adulthood, all of our friends start haunting our parents. Well, we need them dearest!

7. Kaun tha wo ladka/ladki ?

You go to meet your “friend” and mom drops you off. You return home and she is standing there with hands on her waist, “Kaun Tha Wo Ladka?”

8. Hamesha phone pe laga rehta hain ya Facebook pe !

For parents, our phones and Facebook are the biggest fusses ever. And seriously, we have no solution to it. We can’t leave our phone and we can’t stay out of Facebook. Best Solution- Introduce your Mom to Whatsapp and see if she doesn’t get addicted to it!

9. Khana Banana Nahi Ata, Sasural Me Kya Karegi?

At the very first place, the idea of marriage irritates the hell out of us children. Moreover, dreading us with their names even before we know who they are going to be, forces us to hate them before having the faintest idea of them, the great irony. At anything we failed, how come our future in-laws have a say in it.

10. Tumhari umar mein to hum NASA mein scientist the!

And the world famous, “when I was your age…” . Definitely, when our parents were of our age they were very much accomplished then us. When they were 20+ they were actually 30+.



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