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She Was Her Everything And He Was Her Reason To Carry On. (True Story)


She Was Her Everything And He Was Her Reason To Carry On. (True Story)

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This heart touching story Cancer struggle of a teenager will show you how easy it is to fight a battle when you have a loving dad by your side.

I love cooking that has always been my hobby and I was always wishing that I may become a chef. I always used to guess recipes and try cooking them. Even though they would turn out to be a disaster my dad would always acknowledge me by eating whatever I cooked. When I turned 17, I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (lung cancer). It was like my dreams were being shuttered before my eyes. I thought I was going to die and I couldn’t see any hope for myself. My father’s heart broke to a thousand pieces and I could see the pain in his eyes. The doctor said they would take me in for a surgery to completely remove the lung tumor as a first step. So that was it we were waiting for the due date as my father raised the money for the surgery. He was a truck driver for a food supply company and this was already taking a toll on him.

The night before the surgery I was admitted at the hospital. My father came with me and stayed up the whole night unable to go home because he wanted to watch me sleep. During the surgery he kept praying to God to save me. When I woke up he was the first face I saw, it was a successful surgery. This was the beginning of my father’s misery and I wished I could heal myself to see a smile on his face because I felt really bad and had prepared myself to leave…as times went by I was losing more weight and on the second stage, adjuvant therapy I  got very pale.

At the beginning of the process things were not as bad but as it continued I got worse but my father; my hero made my days as he came with different cook books to show me what he wanted me to prepare for him once I was healed; I saw him cry in pain because I was his only family and he felt like I was slipping away from his hands. I too was prepared for a 50-50 turn out.

As my treatment progressed I lost my hair, formed mouth sores and my hands and feet became numb. Daddy would come and take photos with me telling me how beautiful I looked and convinced me that my hair didn’t determine my beauty. I knew he was lying to me but the thought counted. I would wake up every day just to see him to show him I was fighting this and I was doing this with him by my side.

Months later I finished my chemo and I thanked God for being faithful but no one was as happy as Daddy. He took me home and I had never felt more loved and appreciated. My father battled cancer with me and stayed with me every single minute, he even came home from work early to come spend time with me. Today am 18 and am better now, I will make him a pie; I already watched online tutorials.

I want to celebrate my dad, surely he is my hero, and people say no one can fix your problems but I say my dad can fix all my problems. He deserves to comb his hair back like a super hero because he saved my days and made them more bearable. I don’t need Thor or Superman I just need my father in his company uniform and his hat to come eat dinner with me every night.

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Happy father’s day dad!

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