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What Does Your Nail Colour says about YOU?


What Does Your Nail Colour says about YOU?

“Your Nail Colour Speaks About Your Personality.” Does that sound crazy? Well, Ladies it is not. You might be wondering, what your nail colour has to do with your persona and that you have been wearing several nail colours all this while. It is your attire, accessories or least your mood that decides which colour to go for. Not now. I am sure after reading this article you will give a second thought every time you pick a particular colour to adorn your nails.

Every Color Speaks! This is something you might be aware of. But do you know? Every time you wear a different color of nail polish, you’re putting different vibes out there. This might sound silly to some of you, but it is a proven fact that the color of your nails has a huge effect on the first impression you make.

By now you have probably checked your nail colours and of those near you. Let me tell you what your nail colors are telling the WORLD about you!



You guessed it right. Pink is all about being girly. Going for a pink nail colour makes people take you as an anti-tomboy girl. You absolutely love being a girl and when kid, Barbie dolls were your all-time favourite, and they probably still are. Flash those pink nails, they say you are fun to be with.



Purple speaks about the imaginative you. It is the colour of creativity. Those lovely nails painted in purple says you are a creative soul, ambitious, driven by success and in close touch with your spiritual side.



The bright Orange shade speaks of your optimism. You are the one who’s not afraid to take a risk and is always looking for the bright side of the life. The lady with those orange nails is surely high on energy is what the world feels.


matte grey nail polish india

For those who do not define their world in black and white go for Grey, cause there is so much hiding amongst the greys. Grey speaks that you are indecisive and tend to shy away from taking risks. It also signifies lack of emotions, detachment or longing.



Blue is the colour of loyalty and trustworthiness. Flaunt those blue nails girls, they say you are confident, honest and stable. It brings possibilities for new associations, as those seeking for meaningful friendship get attracted to blue.


Yellow is bright, vibrant and synonymous to sunshine. When you wear yellow, you tell the world that you are an optimistic soul, ready to take chance and always open to new beginnings.



Red is hot, red is fierce and not every girl can carry red with confidence. If you are the one who slays it with Red, then the world takes you as a confident person who believes in following her heart. It says you are passionate and have a fiery side. People will think twice before they mess with you.



When you wear black the world takes you as a complex mystery. Black is rebellious, it is secretive. Black easily attracts people and they perceive you as a powerful and elegant.



Not a popular nail colour choice, brown certainly makes you stand out of the crowd. But girls, Brown speaks a lot. It makes people believe that you are down to earth, friendly but take a while to gel with new people. Surprisingly, it also says that you are a are totally into vegetarianism.




Green nails tell that you love nature. Well, you guessed it wrong. When you wear this colour of nature it tells that you are self-reliant, confident, and balanced. It also says you have a kind heart.



White is the colour of purity. Next time you go out wearing the bland white colour, you will be viewed as sweet, pleasant, and approachable. White symbolizes innocence, perfection and neatness.



Nude nails tell the world that you’re intelligent and independent. Neutral polish shades go with anything and fit in anywhere. You are comfortable in any social situation and people tend to view nude polish wearers as approachable.

Girls, your nails don’t lie. So, pick a popping colour and wear your heart on your sleeve… Or fingers.

PS: Everyone has a personal perception for colours. What we have stated is the most common inference one can derive. Happy Nails!!!

I am a wandering wordsmith fascinated by all that is trending. Avid Reader and Bollywood Fan.

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