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Khullam Khulla: Five Shocking Revelations Made by Rishi Kapoor In His Autobiography!


Khullam Khulla: Five Shocking Revelations Made by Rishi Kapoor In His Autobiography!

In his soon-to-be-released autobiography, Khullam Khulla, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has made some seriously shocking revelations that sheds light on the lesser known side of the actor.

Check out the 5 most shocking revelations made by Rishi Kapoor about his life, which is certainly no less than a filmy drama.

1. Rishi Kapoor has met India’s most-wanted man, Dawood Ibrahim. Not just once but Twice. The first time the two met was in 1988, when the actor was invited to the gangster’s house in Dubai for tea. While, it was in 1989, when Rishi met Dawood again when he was shopping with wife Neetu Singh Kapoor in Dubai.

2. Rishi Kapoor admits of buying his 1973 Best Actor award for Bobby. Rishi Kapoor admits that he is guilty of winning the award the wrong way. “It was a mistake, and I’m owning it up in the book. But that doesn’t mean after that I bought all my awards. I was so naive then… a 20-year-old brash bacha,” he quoted. It was the same year when Amitabh Bachchan was also nominated for Zanjeer.

3. My father loved his cinema, his booze, his leading ladies and his work. But he was very possessive of his whisky. “When we started drinking together, for him it was always Johnny Walker Black Label bought in London, while we were served locally procured whisky,” Rishi writes.


4. The 64-year-old actor has also shed light on the relationship his father shared with his co-stars. While Raj Kapoor and Nargis’s relationship is much talked about, he was also romantically involved with Vyajanthimala. Rishi writes, “I remember moving into the Natraj Hotel on Marine Drive with my mom during the time Papa was involved with Vyjayanthimala.”

5. While it was Rishi who literally snatched the Best Actor award from Amitabh Bachchan by buying it, there is Big B’s one habit that the actor disliked. He quoted, “After a movie’s success, Amitabh ensured to thank everyone from scriptwriters to other members of the crew but refrained from saying anything about his co-stars.”

This sometimes hurt Amitabh’s peers.

For more shocking revelations and mirch masala gossips, checkout soon to be released autobiography of Rishi Kapoor.  

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