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Human Body Part Accessories- Yay or Nay?


Human Body Part Accessories- Yay or Nay?

Life is so boring when you have two ears and ten fingers. Why? Haven’t you heard about the new jewelry trend? Well, Berlin-based jewelry designer Nadja Buttendorf, didn’t think it was cool enough to accessorize yourself with the same old jewelry. She hit it up a notch by designing the “Human Body Part” jewelry line.

She has designed silicon “ear earrings” that look ridiculously real and are a little creepy to be honest. It’s like wearing the exact replica of your ear below your ear. Also, this creepy fashion accessory doesn’t come in just one color. There is wide variety of skin tones for you to match. The look, feel and texture of the earring is so real and creepy, that it looks like it has been chopped off an actual human body. But fashion is ever changing and it looks like these earrings might become the new fashion trend of 2017.

Ever wished for an extra finger on your hand? Don’t worry, our offbeat designer has done it for you. Why just stick to earrings when you can get creative with your fingers as well. She just brought the concept of “finger ring” to life. It is not just a simple ring but an actual finger on your finger in the form of a ring. Confused? Have a look.

This weird fashion trend has confused us to the core. Could these human body part jewelry actually be a fashion trendsetter or they are just a fashion disaster? I mean, are we ready to see models flaunting these pieces of jewelry on the runway or are they just something to wear at Halloween party? It sure as hell can help you pull a lot of pranks.

Nadja Buttendorf has also come up with other accessories like her L.A Collection that consists of untitled necklace and earring series made from silicon and star dust. Also, she has designed skin jewelry that has a series of unique necklaces in different shades of skin color made out of silicon for posthuman Postbuddies.

She is also a nail artist and has created nail extensions out of real human hair. Have a look.

So would you ever dare to try such type of accessories even if they become a huge trend?

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