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Postcookie has the sole aim to provide the readers with the most interesting, surprising, unbelievable and shocking stories of all time on this fast growing web world. We want to showcase you the positives and negatives of the society which will entertain, uplift or fascinate you.

Today where every day we spent an average of 1.1 hrs on internet. So we feel that Postcookie is the best platform to deliver you with the latest most updates and posts trending around.

Our stories are informative, entertaining or for a social causes which are shared by all age groups, gender or nationality. We only bring you those stories which you won’t be able to forget.

Our Mission is to get you

It’s very important to stay updated with what is happening around you. Whether it’s a good news or bad one, we get it all for you. We understand how boring It gets to read about a news from a newspaper or a media website, Hence we get you all these stories along with a spice twist in it.

Laughing is the best medicine to all your problems. So we aim to spread happiness around you all. When you forget all your worries for some time you will realize how beautiful/humorous this world is around you and this is what we want to showcase you.

Social Causes
As a Human being, we have few responsibilities regarding our environment and humanity. We not only aspire to bring these cause to the people out there, but also encourage you chance to write us if there is anything happening around the nation which is intolerable.

We not only get you our stories but also allow you to send us your story so that we can write a post from your side and showcase that to everyone. Submit us a post with your photographs, articles, videos or any audios which you want to share with all at Postcookie.

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