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10 Reasons Why We Miss School So Much !!!


10 Reasons Why We Miss School So Much !!!

No matter what type of student you were in school, there are always some memories that all of us have in common. Even our mothers and fathers have told us stories about how they used to have fun in school, and we have also done similar things in our time. From hating the teachers in the beginning of the session to somewhat accepting their advice in the end,  from starting as a first bencher to ending up as back benchers and most importantly from making friends to making them family, we all made memories in school. So let’s take a minute and recall those fun times.

1. The Friends

If we didn’t have friends in school, no one would go this place. The idea of knowledge and experience didn’t really come to us through textbooks, we learnt everything from our friends. Friends are the ones who helped us in transitioning from the cartoon watcher to being a movie junkie, from the shy soul to a party animal, from being a good student to barely passing in maths and most importantly helping us in getting our own identity. Thank all your school friends who let you copy their homework, who let the teacher grill them for your mistake, for listening to your insane talks about your crush, for lying to your parents to cover for you and for making your childhood as well as teenage years awesome.

2. The Food Stories

If you used to eat you lunch in the break, then you have not lived the epic school life. As soon as the teacher turns towards the blackboards, everyone started stuffing food into their mouth as if they had never eaten food. Those packets of chips circulated from the first seat to the last within a span of five minutes. Since we all had finished our food before recess, we would go to other classes to steal food. It was not a coincidence that juniors who brought amazing food were our best friends.

3. United Cheating

With age, our cheating skills got super developed, and instead of studying we made sure that the intelligent students were on our side. We would call them a day before the exam and speak this mandatory line- “Bhai sambhal liyo kal”. Our cheating game became so strong that we made sure that the students who don’t cheat would also start cheating because “team work” is also an important quality that we all should have.

4. First crush

Nothing in this world can be as beautiful as eternal love, but we can’t argue that nothing can replace the feeling of having your first crush.The first butterflies in the stomach and the first “dekh mat bhabhi hai teri” (well we all remember that one. :P)


5. The Bus Fun

Even better than the picnics and the trips was the fun that we had in the bus. Every journey would start with a hip hip hurray and somehow end up with Jai Mata Di jagrans. Every Bollywood hit from all the generations would be sung in the bus. The bus journey was incomplete without involving the teachers to also sing along with us. Gulabi Aankhein, Ye Dosti Hum Nahi todenge, Jumma Chumma and a couple of Punjabi songs were on the essentials playlist.

6. The Free Period

The news about the teacher being absent was the breaking news of the day. The happiness of getting a free period had no boundaries. We know our teachers were really concerned about us and they wanted us to complete our pending work during our free time. But FLAMES, The name place game, Sola parchi thap and talks about our crushes seemed more important at the time. The teacher’s favorite dialogues like-“Is this a fish market”? and “Pin Drop Silence” were witnessed the most during the free periods.

7. The Activities.

The activities were the best because they created chaos in the entire school. Work for the annual function and exhibitions started long time ago and that means free periods. It was fun for the participants because they took part in something that they like and also for the non participants as they would get free periods and could roam freely in the corridors.  The end result was good as it would make the teachers really happy and somehow we felt happy too.

8. Celebrating birthdays in schools

Celebrating birthdays will never be the same once you’re out of school. In primary school, your birthday was the day you got to dress up in your best casuals while the whole school wore the uniform. The whole school knew it was your birthday. You were a star! And not to miss the privilege of missing classes just to distribute chocolates in the whole school!

9. Celebrating Festivals

No matter how many warnings we get from teachers, there would always be a group of students who would burst crackers in the school. Because of those students we all would get scolded. This was the best thing because by the time the teachers were done with their bashing, the bell would ring. The same was the scenario during Holi. We would go back home filled with colors. The water fight, throwing colors and even the gross grease felt nice at the time. The most important festival was the Karva Chauth. We would beg teachers not to teach on the day but still they would teach no matter what.

10. The Farewell

The best and the most emotional day of the school was the farewell. This day was something that everyone was waiting for but when it came, we didn’t want it to end. This day made us realize that the days of joy and happiness were almost over and the bonds that were made would eventually get broken. The last day we had a good group hug with all our friends realizing that this would never come back. The emotions felt that day can’t be expressed in words.

Thank You School!

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