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7 Funniest Indian Youtube Channels You Must Subscribe To

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7 Funniest Indian Youtube Channels You Must Subscribe To

Without any doubt we are the YouTube generation! Today’s generation can’t even imagine a life without YouTube. Everyone who owns a smartphone has installed the YouTube app, and why shouldn’t we? It literally provides us with everything, be it music, educational videos, entertainment videos, news, gossip and what not. Here is the list of top funniest Indian YouTube channels:

1.  TheViralFeverVideos

TVF is a YouTube entertainment channel that has more than 2 million subscribers. TVF is best know for their various web series. Their most popular web series include Permanent Roommates and Barely speaking with Arnub. This channel is very popular among the youngsters as it is a perfect combination of innovative and informative entertainment videos. TVF has won India’s most popular online video channel award. Their most popular videos include Rowdies 9- Sab Q-tiyapa hai!, TVF’s Truth or Dare with Dad and many more.

2. All India Bakchod

AIB is one of the most famous Indian YouTube channels with approximately 1 million 90 lakh subscribers. AIB’s YouTube channel consists of videos that are satirical in nature. They create comedy sketches and parodies on powerful topics like the government, bollywood etc. AIB has aired one season of their show called On Air with AIB. This show was aired on Star Plus and Star World. The episodes are also available on Hotstar. AIB was also featured in YouTube Rewind 2016. Their video AIB: Alia Bhatt-Genius of the year gained a lot of popularity.

3. BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is the fastest growing YouTube channel with approximately 1 million 90 lakh subscribers. Every teenager and college student knows about BB Ki Vines. Whenever BB Ki Vines uploads a video, within no time it is #1 trending. Bhuvan Bam plays all the characters by himself in the videos and this makes the channel even more special. People say that they can very well relate to these characters and thus love watching his videos. The degree of humor in his videos is absolutely perfect. BB Ki Vines has won Web Tv Asia award for the best YouTube Channel in India in 2016. His most famous videos have received more than 8 million views.

4. Being Indian

Being Indian is a channel that is really admired by youngsters for their humor as well as the truth hidden behind that humor. Being Indian has around 1 million subscribers. This channel basically tries to generalize Indians and also tires to establish a factor of commonness that helps people relate to their videos. Their videos are fun and always manage to bring a smile on our faces. Their most famous videos include Every Delhi Girl In The World, The Roadside Ustaad and many more.

5. East India Comedy

EIC is a group of stand-up comedians running their YouTube channel that has more than 5 lakh subscribers. They create videos that have elements of satire and humor. Topics on which they create their videos and base their shows are politics, religion etc. EIC has been nominated for award shows as well. A hype among the youth, this channel’s most popular video is EIC: Sex Education in India that has more than 5 million views.

6. CarryMinati

CarryMinati is a fast growing channel with more than 5 lakh subscribers. Ajey Nagar, a 17 year old boy runs this happening channel. He began by uploading gaming videos. After that he started creating videos wherein he started roasting other YouTube channels and some trending videos. His hyper commentary on the same is really liked by young people. He also does QnA videos. Nowadays he is making more of face cam videos which are being appreciated by his viewers. His most famous videos include India’s Adult Film of The Year!, Non Veg Jokes For Kids and many more.

7. Kenny Sebastian

Kenneth Sebastian is a young Indian stand-up comedian who runs this YouTube channel that has more than 5 lakh subscribers. His videos basically involve him doing his stage shows about topics which are something that the young audience 100% relates to. His talks about “the middle class family” are a delight to watch. He is not just a stand-up comedian but also a musician and filmmaker. He was featured as the number 1 Indian to watch out for on Buzzfeed India in 2016. His most popular video has more than 3 million views.

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