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7 Biggest Lies Every Student Is Told Before They Join College!


7 Biggest Lies Every Student Is Told Before They Join College!

We all grow up watching clichéd movies about teenagers in college. The college life, as shown in the movies, is nothing short of wonderful and full of fun. So by the time we grow up and it’s our turn to hit the colleges, we have loads of expectations from it. And needless to say, our families and relatives are full of advises as well. So here are some of the most common lies that you will come across before you hit the college

1. College is all about Fun, you don’t have to study in college

Not only do we have a never ending syllabus, but we also have stressful internships and college projects and assignments. Welcome to the real life, it sucks, you’re gonna love it!


2. You did well in school, you will do great in college

I suggest you do not stay under the impression that you’re gonna do great in college just because you aced your boards. No, this is simply not going to happen.


3. You will find true love in college

We all have extremely high expectations to find our love of our life in college but that isn’t how it usually turns out. You will have a great time for sure but you just have to lower your expectations.


4. Attendance doesn’t matter in college

Attendance is the only reason why people attend college and yes, they do. Attendance can cause you serious problems and it’s totally a lie if someone says that it doesn’t matter.


5. College is all about partying 

Yes, you are going to have lots of fun in college. All the parties and night outs will be there for a while and then will come to an end once you realize how serious you really have to be here. 


6. No Homework in college

Yes, there will be as such no “homework” in college but that will come in the form of assignments. Brace yourself for tons of those.


7. All the text books in college are required

The picture says it all. Several expensive textbooks will be bought, but not one of them will be used entirely.


Yashwini writes seamlessly on everything Internet is talking about. A passionate writer and Twitter Addict.

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1 Comment

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    Dec 19, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    Accurate AF!! xD

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