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5 times school fooled us when we were students!

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5 times school fooled us when we were students!

School life is awesome and certainly plays the most important role in our upbringing. But despite all the knowledge we get from school, there are times when school fools us. Sounds crazy ? To believe us, check out 5 times when our school fooled us, and yes it could actually do that !

1.“Sun rises in the east and sets in the _______”


When we were a student, we were thought that sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Where as Sun is stationary and Earth is the planet that’s on the move. “EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS?”

2.“If you don’t study and graduate no one will offer you a JOB”

This personally was a terrifying scenario in my life to imagine. Whereas if we had the money we invested in our education, we could have started a profitable business of ours or invested in some business for profits and could have made a living. Ideas we often forget in the herd. High time school should tell us the stories of men who achieved great heights without education too.

3.“Watching movies will do no good to you” 

This is one line that we get to hear usually in every school and house like how a Television set is common in all houses. Watching movies can definitely motivate us to reach greater heights and achieve success if we watch the right movie.

P.s- But watching the RIGHT and INSPIRING movie is also necessary or else the path is definitely to failure and destruction.

4.“Coffee helps you to stay awake”

We often tend to take excess coffee during our school days when we have assignments to complete and only a night is left for the submission. Coffee does not help us stay awake instead coffee increases the our energy and alertness for a very minimal amount of time after which the body tries to compensate this change by make us very drowsy in a few minutes time usually.

5.”Playing video games will never give you money”

This is yet another line that the mathematics Teacher in school usually tells when a student shows poor result. But the fact we are not aware of is that there many firms that pay Gamer for each and every time they play the games so that they can test their games for reviews and advertisements. So playing video games we can earn money also!




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