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10 Hilarious Laws We Can’t Wait To Get Imposed !

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10 Hilarious Laws We Can’t Wait To Get Imposed !

The lawmakers surely had a hard time figuring all the laws that are imposed on us. But, had it been the same if the crazy youth of today were the lawmakers. Surely Not !

Check out these super hilarious legal quips, that you will want to be imposed ASAP!

#1 Sookha Puri is one big thing !

#2 Har koi Photographer : Not anymore !

#3 Those “Good Morning. Have a Nice Day” messages. Kill Me Now !

#4 Kuch to reham karo !

#5 Veg Biryani ? Bitch Please !

#6 Reading his novels is one of Few Mistakes Of My Life !

#7 A moment of silence for all those who suffer this !

#8 Kyuki jiski daaru usi ka chakhna !

#9 This question has been banned. All India Relatives Association please get it straight !

#10 The SINskaaariiis 

Drop what else you want to be the new law, in the comments below !

I am a wandering wordsmith fascinated by all that is trending. Avid Reader and Bollywood Fan.

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